Rim Ringz Car Wheel Rim Protector (Silver)

  • Protect the wheel from “curb rash” while parking or turning sharply out of a driveway
  • Cover existing damage
  • Add visual appeal to the car
  • Help apply tire shine on your tires
  • Price for a set of four wheel protection rings
Artikuls: RMR-S
Ražotāja Artikuls: S

Regulārā cena: 79,99 € ar PVN

Special Price 50,00 € ar PVN

* Obligāti aizpildāmie lauki

Rim Ringz

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Rim Ringz™ is a set of four wheel protection rings that come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be attached to the edge of a car’s alloy wheel. They are made from high quality plastic, durable and resistant to all weather conditions. Each size of Rim Ringz™ is specially designed for specific rim size. Because each size set is made to perfectly fit each size of the wheel, Rim Ringz™ will perfectly fit your wheel. You just need to purchase the correct size of Rim Ringz™ that matches your wheel size. You don’t need to use any type of glue to install Rim Ringz™.