Millers Oils Classic Sport 20w50

  • 5L
  • Uses latest lubricant technology to engineer a premium semi synthetic multigrade for high performance classic engines.
  • Incorporation of high levels of synthetic base fluids provides increased protection under arduous conditions of load and temperature.
  • Formulated to the maximum viscosity for SAE 50. Maintains high oil pressures. Reduces oil consumption.
Artikuls: MLO-5410
Ražotāja Artikuls: 5410

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Millers Oils

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Semi synthetic engine oil for classic performance and sports car engines. Extra high performance engine oil based on highest quality performance additives and shear stable viscosity improvers in synthetic and mineral base.
Use for lubrication of high performance engines manufactured from post war period to early 80’s. Ideally suited to Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lotus and similar high specific output engines. Suitable for all discerning owners who want the best possible oil for their classic engine.