Mechanix Wear Glove Knit Nitrile, S/M

Seamless knitted mechanic glove with nitrile coating on the palm and on the fingers.
Optimum protection when in contact with oil.
Color Black
Size S/M

Artikuls: MEC-726SM
Ražotāja Artikuls: 726SM
12,20 € ar PVN
Mechanix Wear

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There is no mechanic glove comparable developed as the manufacturer's Gloves Mechanix Wear . The Mechanix gloves have an incomparable tact and are resilient yet. The tradition of Mechanix Wear dates back to 1991 in which today still well-proven glove "Mechanix Original" was presented for the first time. Meanwhile Mechanix Wear is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality work gloves. Mechanix Wear offers a variety of gloves for various areas. The gloves is characterized in that each is adapted to the requirements within its use range. Be it that a superior fit required a lot of feeling for delicate tasks is required or other specific tasks to be fulfilled.