Sparco Racing harnesses, ENDURANCE 6 POINT FHR, Blue

  • Six-point safety harness with 2” shoulder straps for
  • FHR and HANS Device systems
  • Carabiner fasteners
  • Abdominal pulldown adjustment near buckle
  • Fastening to rollbar by removing fastener
  • FIA 8853-2016 approved
Artikuls: SPA-04818RALPDAZ
Ražotāja Artikuls: 04818RALPDAZ
235,95 € ar PVN

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This FHR specific professional saloon/GT harness 6 point endurance harness features 2” FHR specific webbing all round with lightweight steel adjusters, a new ultralight high load buckle secures all straps via the T-bar crutch strap. The lap belts carry pull down adjusters that are favoured for multi-driver disciplines where easy adjustment can be made by the driver. Snap hook fixings on both the shoulder and lap belts with roll bar loop attachment at the shoulder point if required.