Fmic Intercooler 550x140x65mm

  • Intercooler Size: 700x140x65mm
  • Core Size: 550x140x65mm
  • Inlet/Outlet diameter of 57mm
  • Suitable up to 350HP
Artikuls: FMC-IC55014064
Ražotāja Artikuls: IC55014064
79,10 € ar PVN

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It is equipped with a high-efficient, both internal and external, II type core, thick walls made of high quality bright aluminum which ensures its high durability, perfect cooling and air flow. It is a great substitute for in series intercoolers and enhances cars performance.
Our intercoolers have been the only ones to be tested up to 10 bar – even that level of pressure does not influence their performance.

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Papildus informācija

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