Motul RBF 660 - 500 ml Brake Fluid

Racing Brake Fluid 660
100% Synthetic Fluid– DOT 4
Boiling Point : 325°C / 617°F

Artikuls: MOT-101666
Ražotāja Artikuls: 101666

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Motul Racing Brake Fluid 660 Factory Line
100% Synthetic Fluid– DOT 4
Very high boiling point : 325°C / 617°F

All types of hydraulic actuated brake and clutch systems requiring a non-silicone synthetic fluid.
Specially designed to resist to extreme temperature generated by racing carbon and ceramic brakes allowing minimizing air entrance for brake cooling
Exceeds DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 standards also, (except for DOT5.1 viscosity at -40°C (-40°F).