Goodridge Brake Light Switch JIC Banjo Bolt (3/8x24JIC)

  • Thread size: 3/8x24JIC
Artikuls: GDR-BL775-03C
Ražotāja Artikuls: BL775-03C
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Single Brake Light Switch JIC Banjo Bolt 600 Series Re-Usable Banjo Bolts.
Over the last 40 years, Goodridge has developed the widest range of reusable style fittings for stainless braided PTFE hose available anywhere. Meeting the demanding requirements of the world's top racing professionals has allowed us to offer this full range available in JIC, metric, BSP, plus banjo and multi-way fittings.
All have been tried and tested in the upper echelons of world motorsport, racing's most severe conditions, and are proven in their quality of engineering, workmanship and finish.