RRS FIA Full face helmet + HANS device

RRS Pack : full face helmet and Hans®

RRS Protect Circuit helmets are in compliance with FIA 8859-2015, and are SNELL SA2015 approved.

Size M: Neck circomference between 38 cm and 45.5 cm (15 to 18 inches)
Size L: Neck circumference at least 45.5 cm (18 inches)

XS (54cm)
S ( 55cm)
M (57cm)
L (59 cm)
XL (61cm)
XXL (63cm)

SKU: RRS-3004013044
€569.99 incl. VAT

Product Description


Nowadays, RRS helmets are well known by all motorsport racers, drivers, co-drivers, and motorsports enthusiasts worldwide.
-In compliance with FIA and SNELL : Fiberglass and Kevlar fibers are used to produce our helmets, and they come with SCHROTH Hans anchors/pins.
-Very easy to use, very easy to clean : interior foams are removable and washable. Reduced weight.
-Ready to receive an intercom equipment : removable ears foams.
-Cheap price : RRS policy : less intermediates, reasonnable margins
A ready to use helmet.
FIA stamp (silver colour), and SNELL (orange colour)
Dark grey fire-proof interior, hypoallergenic
Removable ears foams
Installed SCHROTH HANS anchors
6 sizes available : XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Weights : aprox. 1500 grams.
White colour.

Hans System : It reduces the risk of cervical fracture or elongation of the neck muscles during a sudden deceleration by 80%.
- FIA approved 8858-2010
- Weight: 950g (1050g with the foams)
- Incline : 20 °
- Helmet attachment with approved Hans® Clip (compatible with the full range of FIA RRS PROTECT helmets)
- Sliding straps already assembled
- Grips and shoulder straps to hold the harness in place
- Possibility of removing paddings for washing