OMP Invigorating Cooling Effect Spray

  • Bio-Nanotech Active System
  • Best Comfort
  • Active Thermoregulator
  • Cooling Sensation
  • Controlled Perspiration
  • Limited Condensation
SKU: OMP-PC02003
Manufacturer SKU: PC02003
€22.39 incl. VAT

Product Description


OMP’s aim to create active underwear it has been achieved with the new OMP Invigorating Cooling Effect System. Sleeping molecules inserted in the fabric fibers are activated by the spray that gradually releases active principles that produce an invigorating cooling effect. This reaction occurs by transdermal delivery.

The OMP underwear interacts with the organism through the skin. The fabric fibers in contact with the body through the molecules start an osmotic exchange that transfers the active principles and produce the Invigorating Cooling Effect.