Stilo ST5GT ZERO 8860 Helmet-XL

  • FIA 8860-2010 & Snell SA2015 Approved
  • Lightest Ever Helmet To Have Passed FIA 8860-210 Standard
  • Ultra Lightweight, High Strength, High Tensile Carbon Fibre Shell
  • Integrated Radio Connection Plug & Ear Plugs Connection
  • Designed For Professional Circuit Use
  • Improved Aerodynamic Characteristics
  • Removable Noise Reduction Earmuffs
  • Optional Full Visor
  • Two Different Shell Sizes
  • Factory Fitted FHR (Hans) Posts
Manufacturer SKU: AA0702CG3NXL
€4,719.00 incl. VAT

Product Description


The new Stilo ST5 range of helmets have been developed after meticulous and inexhaustible research for perfection. Pushing the standards of safety and quality even further, the Stilo ST5 is now the benchmark for all competitors.
Improving upon the previous ST4 (which is still a very good helmet), the new model is lighter, uses a smaller shell, has increased vision with a visor which lifts fully out of line of sight, is more comfortable, has better aerodynamics, has better ventilation and uses a new visor locking clasp which can easily be operated with just one hand. Another important first is the large size helmet now uses the small shell size which in turn means more competitors fit into the smaller, lighter and more aerodynamic small shell size.
This FIA 8860-2010 approved ST5 GT ZERO 8860 is the lightest helmet on the market to have passed the demanding FIA 8860-2010 standard. The very best materials (high tensile carbon) and the very best building techniques (autoclave moulding), together with the use of an EPS (expandable polystyrene), combine to achieve an exceptionally light weight helmet with very high safety standards. Ideal for use in saloon and GT racing the helmet is supplied as standard with a short sunshade - a full visor is available as an option if use in an open top car is required.
Stilo ST5 GT ZERO 8860 - This helmet is fitted with an integrated radio connection, that includes: magnetic-dynamic noise cancelling microphone, integrated radio connection plug, integrated ear plugs connection, removable earmuffs. Factory fitted FHR (Hans) posts.